1. Table N11! Come see us at SPX! 

    Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures of the first SPXclusive we’re offering.

  2. Here are some detail photos of the hardcover special edition of A Deitch Miscellany. We added this small edition (15 copies) a few days into the Kickstarter funding period, since the paperback edition sold out right away. As of now, there’s one copy left, and we’ll have it for sale at SPX.

    Inside each cover is a suite of prints, including fine art inkjet prints of Kim’s Sex! Drugs! and Sweet Music! story originally published in Kramers Ergot 7. The guts of the book are comprised of a fold-out triptych with the same story in color and black and white as well as a 52-page selection of Kim’s pencil studies.

    The front cover plate and title page plate are letterpress printed, and each copy is signed by the artist.

  3. 4 for 400! Okay Tumblords, SPX is coming up, and in a couple days I’m going to start announcing exclusives in a naked attempt to entice SPX attendees to spend their hard-earned money at our table. That means it would be great if I could expand the Chance Press tumblr empire beforehand so that our missives reach the largest possible audience.

    We’re a stone’s throw from 400 followers, and to celebrate, whoever is our 400th follower will get the four books pictured above sent to them free of charge anywhere in the world! 

    Thanks for helping us out, and see you all at SPX!

  4. Working on the smaller (traditional album size) hardcover of A Deitch Miscellany. These were originally available through our Kickstarter for $150, and there’s still one [very minorly irregular] copy left that will be for sale at SPX.

  5. Here’s the newest illustrated cocktail recipe by Danielle Schroeder. If you’re in Cleveland, pick up next month’s Edible magazine for the print version!

  6. katelacourart:

    16 p. full color
    Parchment pages, marbled vellum cover
    Five bucks
    For release at SPX

    WOW! This is going into the “definitely have to buy” column on my SPX spreadsheet. (Yes, I have an SPX spreadsheet.)

  7. This is an actual screenshot from my Twitter feed. 

  8. And speaking of the cover artwork for A Deitch Miscellany, here it is! There’s still a mountain of work to be done on these, but we’re making progress. On a design note, the outside is deliberately understated in order to contrast with the absolute explosion of color when you open the book.

  9. These die-cut letterpress printed bottle caps were originally intended to go on the cover of the deluxe edition of A Deitch Miscellany, but Justine and I decided that Kim’s cover artwork is so good that it should stand on its own without anything distracting from it. So, I guess I will just have to give these out to people who come by our table at SPX!

  10. The results of tonight’s work session.