1. I just got my deluxe copy of Jamais deux sans trois by Floc’h and Fromental in the mail, and unfortunately, it didn’t survive the trip. The seller did a great job packaging it, but the stack of prints shuffling around in the case banged against the top and bottom enough times to crack all 4 corners of the box. Because this book is pretty rare to find without dings and stains on the cover, I decided to try to repair it, rather than sending it back to France. It’s a pretty basic process - since the cracks were all at joints, I placed a needle in between where the edges are supposed to be joined together, injected some PVA glue, and carefully pulled the needle out while holding pressure on the boards. I gave it about five minutes of hand pressure and then fashioned a plane press out of some heavy magazines and spring clamps clamped to my desk. Hopefully the repaired joints will be strong enough to hold the prints. This is a beautiful book, by the way.

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