1. This was the first email I ever recieved from Kim Thompson. I had ordered a few hundred bucks worth of books from Fantagraphics, and I kept getting the wrong items or damaged items in the mail. After getting bounced around between the warehouse and the customer service reps, I finally emailed the one other address I had (Mike Baehr), and I asked Mike if there was anything he could do to help. A couple hours later, this email from Kim landed in my inbox. I’m still not sure if he was making fun of me for making a bigger deal of the situation than necessary, but either way, I was instantly a fan of his.

    I never met Kim personally, but I emailed him a bunch of times after this (usually about Tardi), and he was always super nice and very eager to talk comics, despite being a very busy guy. I found out about a bunch of artists due to his efforts to bring European comics to US audiences, and my life has been significantly enriched by his contributions to the comics medium. I’ll miss his work very much, and my best wishes go out to Fantagraphics and Kim’s friends and family.

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