1. New Codex Seraphinianus Post #1

    It’s here! After 30 years, the US has a widely available printing of the greatest artist book ever produced. This is the deluxe edition, limited to 600 copies. Some notes:

    1) Nice that the book comes in a deluxe clamshell case with foil stamping on the cover. 

    2) The cover design is the same as the 2006 Italian edition published by Rizzoli, although this edition is clothbound with stamping in black and gold and a glossy multi-part pastedown. 

    3) The guts are the same as the 2006 edition too - same paper, same printing. While this is a *beautiful* book, the prtin quality still pales in comparison to the 1981/1983 editions.

    4) The deluxe edition includes a print of a “Ta-Roc” that is limited to 150 copies (there are four Ta-Roc prints distributed throughout the edition) and signed on both sides (once in the Roman alphabet and once in Serafinian). As a bonus, the book is signed as well on a tipped-in bookplate.

    5) There are two new introductory prefaces - one brand new for this edition and one that was added in the 2006 printing. (The photos are of the 2013 preface.) It’s interesting to see the continued development of Serafini’s art, now incorporating forms he introduced in Storie Naturali.

    Stay tuned for post #2

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