1. Please reblog! I didn’t quite sell my boots, but I did sell a lot of books out of my collection to fund this - so I’m only off by one letter. I’m still building Chance Press’s tumblr empire, so blasting this out to your legions of followers would be a huge help to me.

    The deluxe edition of Frank Santoro’s Blast Furnace Funnies is now available for sale. This book represents over a year of work as well as the culimation of everything Justine and I have learned in 5+ years of running a small press. Painstakingly handbound in gigantic 15” x 20” format, with each image reproduced as a museum-quality print on specially treated Rives BFK deckle-edge paper. Limited to 7 signed copies (5 are for sale), each with an original illustration on a tipped-in bookplate.

    It’s available for sale here.

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